We'll Ensure You Always Get The Best Results.

Welcome to Triangle Molecular Toxicology, a CLIA Certified toxicology laboratory that is running to make drug testing accurate, comprehensive, and fast for you and other nationwide partners.

Triangle Molecular Toxicology is based in Durham, North Carolina where we specialize in providing a wide variety of testing options that gives flexibility and convenience to you.

We use cutting edge technology for giving the best services to a wide demographic of customers. From pain management clinics to substance abuse counseling programs, Triangle Molecular Toxicology is here to service everyone with detailed and easy to read testing reports.

Advantages of our company

  • Quick turn around: Triangle Molecular Toxicology provides competitive turnaround times for result delivery. We take pride in our ability to service our clients and meet their wide variety of needs without compromising the time it takes to receive lab reports.
  • Accuracy: Through our cutting-edge technology, Triangle Molecular Toxicology is able to provide the most accurate forms of drug and urine testing for our partners. Instruments like highly sensitive LCMS and PCR machines are run by experts who work for your best interest.
  • Customer service: Triangle Molecular Toxicology is here for your needs. Our wide array of selections for testing allows us to provide exceptional results for unique demands. With our unparalleled turnaround time and accuracy, Triangle Molecular Toxicology will be able to service any client in need. Our Toxicologists are stand by if you have any questions. Please give us a call to find out more. We would be happy to have one on one consultations to tailor your needs.


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